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Some Experiments in Night Photography That Vary Widely in Quality

The thing about film photography is that there is a take and wait mentality.  You never really know what you got until you get the negative developed.

This is even more so with night photography while working in the dark on a tripod, actual or improvised.But there are some nice reflections off the water.

Military Show

So I’ve put in some pictures taken at a military show recently which show the army with the odd tank and armoured jeep putting on a display.  Click here to see the page.

I decided to give up with the portfolio because it didn’t seem to give me anything that just using a page in the menu didn’t.

Windsor Castle

There’s a big event going on in Windsor today so here’s some pictures of the castle.

I’m expecting the scaffolding to be down. Very noisy place with it being on the Heathrow flight path.  Will they suspend some services on the morning?

Some Old Cameras

I was sorting through one of the big plastic boxes of photography stuff and I came across some old cameras.  There was about three wrecked Canons, I use the EOS1 virtually all the time but I keep a barely functioning EOS5 for when I want to take a camera in the sea or something.  I also have a LC-1 for when I want to get arty but I always end up getting frustrated with it – having said that, when the LC-1 is good, it’s very good.

These three were worth taking a few shots with so here they are:

The Flashmaster, above, and the Comet, at the top are cameras I’ve never actually gotten to work.  I really can’t make my mind up what sort of film they needs and how I would go about processing it so I’ve always put them to the back of the pile.

This is a Lomo and it takes four pictures on to a single frame of 35mm almost but not quite simulatenously.  The outcomes are varibale so I tend to use it once in a while.  The build is very must plastic and I snapped the film wind lever in two without trying very hard.

Domestic Violence for Children

This is a Punch and Judy Man – sometimes referred to as The Professor.  A Punch and Judy show is a one man performance in a booth, often by the seaside, with glove puppets.  One man works the puppets, does the voices and makes the sound effects.

It’s been a bastion of entertainment in for many a year and can be traced back to 1662 and Covent Garden when the show was very bawdy.  Mr. Punch has his origins in Italy and he’s also been seen in America, France and Ireland.  It was in the later Victorian period, the shows became more aimed at children and families.  Later, the shows became more specialised, instead of appearing on every street corner and every pier Punch and Judy went to special events like fairs and birthday parties.

Punch wears a brightly colored jester’s motley and sugarloaf hat . He is a hunchback whose hooked nose almost meets his curved, jutting chin. He carries a large slapstick, which he freely uses upon most of the other characters in the show. He speaks in a distinctive squawking voice.

There are other characters, a baby, a crocodile and a policeman.  Characters come and go with the times these days there’s even a health and safety inspector, you can bet he gets a good slapping by Punch, but the hangman seems to have gone the way of capital punishment.  Judy is the show’s significant other.  Mrs. Punch has to make do with verbal abuse and domestic violence.  In fact the baby gets kicked around as well and Mr Punch is often on the receiving end of his wife’s ire.

The villain of the piece

So, Mr Punch – not only a wife beater, but one who tends to get away from it because he dates from an era when this sort of thing was more acceptable?  A family whose entire interaction is based on violence?  Not a healthy model for young audience.  The counter argument goes that Punch represents a grotesque view of family life just like The Simpsons does – perhaps Tom and Jerry would be a better analogy.  The violence is not real and is intended as slapstick.  In any case, the high water mark of political correctness has come and gone and now there’s just not the same level of criticism of un pc behaviour.  Twenty years ago, this kind of humour was frowned upon but fads change and Mr Punch always comes back.  He may have been arrested, killed and sent to heaven during the shows but he’s still here.

Wife beater or comedian, the audiences are still there and young minds are still watching and they are taking it all in.