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Windmills, Light and Dark

I took this shot of offshore windmills but when I processed it, I couldn't decide if it looked better darker or lighter.I think the issue is that it was a bit of a grey picture in the first place, which meant it didn't have a lot of contrast to start off with.

Blue Sea and Sky



I've darkened this one quite a lot to bring out the shiny patches of water.


It's been a bit nautical on this blog the last few days, so back to the landscapes.



An Electric Fence

I sort of like this image, despite being able to see a lot of faults in it.  It's too dark and grey, as is often the case with my stuff.  It is unfiltered but the house look like toys.  The trees make the town look a lot greener than it really is at street level. … Continue reading An Electric Fence


Coke Works