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Ceasarea in Colour

Sometime ago I posted some shots of Ceasarea.  They were in glorious monochrome and now I've found the Fujicolour shots of this Roman / Crusader fort. Canon EOS 1, Fujicolour.

The View From The Carmel

Shrine of the Báb

One Tree

A sunny image of a tree on a hillside in Beit Shariem, Israel.  The grain of the black and white film really brings out some of the detail on the ground and gives a sense of the dusty earth.  The lens flare was deliberate and I used a tripod to get the image as sharp … Continue reading One Tree

A Prayer From the Past: “Let Me Return to Eternity”

This is the entrance to a network of tombs in Israel.The most important burial place in the Jewish world during the mishnaic and talmudic periods.  Located in the western part of the lower Galilee and within easy access of Haifa, Beit She'arim flourished from the second through the fourth centuries when a necropolis was created … Continue reading A Prayer From the Past: “Let Me Return to Eternity”