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The World’s Sharpest

This dropped through my letter box this weekend.  Ten rolls of Kodak TMax.  Even though Kodak are looking to sell off their film wing I have little doubt that someone will buy it and keep it going.  If they don't then there are plenty of European companies who can supply film.  It's a shame that … Continue reading The World’s Sharpest

Brown Paper Parcels in the Post

I have guilty pleaseures.  One is to receive fairly unremarkable brown paper parcels in the post.  These contain my new film, freshly despatched.  After a few days of restrained enthusiasm I pick up the parcel and hurry to a room on my own to have a look at it.  Bulk buying such items from the … Continue reading Brown Paper Parcels in the Post


If, like me, you've been mourning the loss of another 35mm film producer in the shape of Kodak, it may not be bad news after all.  According to AG Photography (from whom I get most of my film), Kodak recent move to Chapter 11 is a good move for the following reasons: 1. It means … Continue reading Monument

The Age of Austerity

There's a recession on (or whatever they class the current financial crises as) so we all must make compromises.  Mine is to save money by not buying my favoured Ilford HP5 but Kodak TX instead.  Although I prefer the Ilford brand, Kodak's films have never let me down in the past so its not that … Continue reading The Age of Austerity