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This is an example of bokeh - this is defined as the aesthetic quality of the out of focus regions of the picture and come from the Japanese word for blur.  Enthusiasts believe there is good bokeh and bad bokeh, and also they judge a lens by its performance when out of focus. I'm not … Continue reading Bokeh

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

This is a image of two ladies having afternoon tea on the lawn in the dead of night.  They are wearing costumes and sitting in furniture that is covered in LEDs.  It was a very striking display and a nice simple idea. This lady went for a stroll and spun her parasol over her shoulder. … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Rainy Night

  Rainy Days lead to Rainy Nights. EOS5, Fujifilm.


These lights were taken from a moving car late one night (passenger seat, obviously).  I kept the shutter open for a few seconds and this is what it recorded.  - a smear of the city lights going past. Canon EOS5, Ilford Film.