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Camden Market

Camden Market is packed and heaving.  Too busy for me to get good shots with everyone milling around left, right and centre.  So I looked for higher ground and find a staircase that I'm probably not supposed to climb but I do anyway, just for a minute.  It was nice of someone to put a … Continue reading Camden Market

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

The Canals of Camden The canal and bridges make an interesting walk from King's Cross to Camden.  Canals were once the motorways of the industrial revolution taking goods and raw materials in and out of the cities.  Now they take runners and cyclist and the occasional walker up and down their tow paths.  Some people … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

Super Sunday

In celebration of this year's Superbowl, here are some images from the 2008 NFL game held at Wembley between the New Orleans Saints and the San Diego Chargers. The fans were in fine mood.  Unlike many sporting events, the crowd was unpartisan.  The ages of the London crowd went from school child to pensioner and … Continue reading Super Sunday