Macro Photography

I decided to try out some macro photography.  So I switched my lens and camera to macro mode and chose a suitable subject.  Outside, bees were landing on some flowers and feasting on pollen or whatever they do.  I took a knee, zoomed in and tried to focus.

Got the plant, but the bee remains elusively out of focus.

Better, but the breeze is making it difficult for me to get a really crisp shot.

The bee is perfectly posed, but I couldn’t get it right.

Bee mostly in focus but not quite in the zone.


Not bad, but my conclusion is, don’t try this stuff in a breeze.  The sunlight was great but that pleasant breeze was nice to sit in but murder when your focus needs to be very exact.  Still, when do you get a perfect sunny day with no breeze?  I’d still be there waiting.  Also, a tripod wouldn’t have helped because I couldn’t have moved so freely to follow the bees.  Tripods are good for objects that are largely static or focussing on points that you know the object is going to pass.  They are not good for following small, organically moving  objects like bees.

One thing that might be of use is faster film.  Something like 800 or even 1600.  I’ve always been put off by stories of ‘grain the size of golf balls’ but why not if that extra fraction of a second helps me get the photo in focus?