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By The Sword

Following on from yesterday's post with the pikes, the knights have now gone to the sword to practice their combat skills. First a procession into the field of combat. The dragon on the head isn't an ornament.  The knight must knock his opponents' off and keep his own intact to win the bout.  Fights are … Continue reading By The Sword


If you were a Medieval knight, one of the best ways to sort out problems was by hitting people with a pike.  Doing so in a tourney, helped to sharpen the skills for warfare. The knights' features are obscured by the helmets.  Unfortunate for photography but probably a good thing for their faces.The Portaloos are … Continue reading Knights


The port town of Caesarea Maritima was built by Herod The Great and later used by the Romans.  Before you get to the Roman part, used for horse racing, you pass through the gothic architecture of Crusader gates and arches.  More recent developments have included private museums and a golf course.  Most sites in the … Continue reading Ceasarea

Medieval People

This medieval reenactment enthusiast is walking around the grounds of a castle playing a period instrument.  I'm not sure what it is but it might be simply called the Medieval Bagpipes - I should have been paying more attention. This medieval babe is playing a lute.  This gentleman is also dressed in period costumer.  He appears … Continue reading Medieval People