The Lamp

Here are two pictures of the same lamp.

The first one is taken using a Yashica Mat and a roll of 120 Ilford film.  The jpeg doesn’t do it justice.  The larger negative size gives a lot of texture and detail to the image.  also I like the way the blacks are represented on this image.

The second image is on 35mm Kodak colour film.  When I took the picture I held an anamorphic lens from an old projector in front of the camera lens and turned it until I got the slope the way I wanted.  By the time this one had been through jpeg compression and Photoshop the noise has increased in the black which is an unfortunate side effect of processing the image through Photoshop.  It wasn’t the brightest or best exposed frame but these are the difficulties of shooting through two lenses at once.  The projector lens gives everything a widescreen feel.