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So I recently asked for some recommendations for Photo editing software and I've been playing about with two of them.  I had a image of some tree roots that I took last summer in the forest.  The ground has collapsed and you can see the roots which would nornally have been covered. To begin with, … Continue reading Roots

A Few Changes Around Here:

I was getting a bit fed up with the paid theme so I went back to the free one.  Despite the extra options, and a lot of playing with the CSS, I could never seem to get it looking the way I wanted.  So I went back to the simple themes.  I will lose the … Continue reading A Few Changes Around Here:

Free Photoshop 2

The Tightfisted Photographer has a blog worth checking out and also has provided a link to a free download of Photoshop CS2 here.


My normal workflow is to take the picture using black and white 35mm, develop it and then scan it.  I edit it using Photoshop which normally involves not much more than brightness and contrast adjustment and then some cropping and reducing the file size for use on the blog.  It's been called 'semi-digital photography' and … Continue reading Gimping