Cross Processing

These photographs were taken at Tynemouth and are cross processed.  It’s an effect that you can’t so with digital photography directly, you have to simulate it.  All film is processed through a batch of chemicals but the chemicals are different depending on the type of film.  These pictures are taken on slide film which is normally used to produce slides for projection.  Instead of using the usual chemicals, I used the ‘wrong’ ones and processed them as if they were normal colour film.  The resulting error is a strange contrast in the colours.  The beach scene below looks as if it is an old print or as if it has been hand coloured.


The picture below is another cross processed negative but it is teamed with a long exposure which made the fog take on an unusual illumination.  Sort of apt for a Victorian mental hospital.

One of the things I like about film photography is that you can mix it up and use film in ways it wasn’t designed for.  Here is a more detail description of the process although I didn’t read too much about it and just tried it out.