A Window


A Path to the Sea

One of my favourite kind of shots, industry and nature in the same frame.


 In the dying rays of the winter sun.





Windmills, Light and Dark

I took this shot of offshore windmills but when I processed it, I couldn’t decide if it looked better darker or lighter.I think the issue is that it was a bit of a grey picture in the first place, which meant it didn’t have a lot of contrast to start off with.


Yachts and Masts

Blue Sea and Sky


A Storm Comes in from the Sea

As a storm rolled in I set up the tripod due to the bad light issue.  However, the head of the tripod seems to have rolled laterally.  Perhaps it was on too tight or too loose.  So if you’re charitable, the little bit of blur which was caused by the tripod adds a bit of atmosphere to the shots?