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The The temperature is rising around here so it's a last chance to get out in the snow until next winter (hopefully).

Figures in the Snow

Weekly Photo Challenge there are some more examples of saturation here.


These shots were taken with a Lomo LC-A. The Lomo Kompakt Automat is a fixed lens, 35 mm film, compact camera introduced in 1984. In 2005, production of the original Lomo LC-A was discontinued. Its replacement, the LC-A+, was introduced in 2006 and production moved to China. Some of these Chinese models are passed off … Continue reading Lomography

The Snow

As the temperate plummets across the UK, there is four inches of snow in my garden, foot long icicles hanging from my roof and the car can't go anywhere without a shovel. The problem is that I can't be bothered to go and buy snow tyres and then jack my car up four times to … Continue reading The Snow