A Dash of Red?


Original full colour image or desaturated?



If, like me, you’ve been mourning the loss of another 35mm film producer in the shape of Kodak, it may not be bad news after all.  According to AG Photography (from whom I get most of my film), Kodak recent move to Chapter 11 is a good move for the following reasons:

1. It means they can re-organise the company without the threat of the liabilities that have hung over the business in recent years;
2. They can re-finance the company. By making the move into bankruptcy protection they have been able to secure $950m of funding from Citibank
3. For a number of years it has seemed top management in the company have been obsessed with Wall Street and the share price of the company. In our opinion this has been a hinderance to the effective management of the business. Now the company is de-listed from the NYSE, they don’t have to concern themselves with Wall Street and can take decisions freely.
4. It is expected the company will remain in Chapter 11 for around 12 months, at the end of which a new Kodak will emerge.

Perhaps Kodak will do an ‘Ilford’ and emerge as a solvent company with a plan for the future.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of a monument taken on monochrome film and then worked on a lot in Photoshop.

I cropped it and then worked on the levels until all the shades of grey were just about gone.