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A Mouse Caught in a Sunbeam

A Month of Colour

A Month of Colour

Despite the monochrome nature of this blog I do also take colour pictures and also digitally not always on 35mm film.  So I've decided to post these polychromatic dalliances during the month of January. There will still be some black and white gloom as well because I can't stay away from the stuff for very … Continue reading A Month of Colour

There’s Always the Sun

  This is the result of a failed experiment. I mounted my EOS1 on a tripod with a long lens and loaded it with Ilford HP5+.  I pointed it at the sun, using a filter over the lens and this is what I got. All of the detail in the sky has been blocked by … Continue reading There’s Always the Sun

The Last Rays of the Sun

The is the sun just moments before it set, in a forest.  I'm not sure if it works or not.  Comments and criticisms are welcome. Update: Thanks for all the comments.  I think that problem is that I took the shot too late.  A few minutes before and there would have been more detail on … Continue reading The Last Rays of the Sun