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River Barge

Canon EOS1 Kodak TMax 400


I struggled to think of a theme but came up with a white dove that I shot on my travels. Check out some more white HERE    

Minimalist Living

The faceless corridors of the modern hotel hides lives arranged in a series of prepacked episodes.  The rooms contain everything you need for modern living but in a minimalist version.  Like a ready meal chicken tikka massala, it's a there when you want it.  The rice in one half and the sauce in the other.The … Continue reading Minimalist Living

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

The Canals of Camden The canal and bridges make an interesting walk from King's Cross to Camden.  Canals were once the motorways of the industrial revolution taking goods and raw materials in and out of the cities.  Now they take runners and cyclist and the occasional walker up and down their tow paths.  Some people … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

Ubiquitous Picture of an Aeroplane Wing

One of the great photographic cliches and like most cliches, it's hard to resist. Canon EOS 5 and Fujicolour C200.

Warwick Arts Centre

This beast sits outside the Warwick Arts Centre and rotates, the top half at least.  I notice on the picture above, there is a door so perhaps someone lives there. An interesting reflection of the cone through two windows with alternating panes of dark and light glass. At night, it lights up.  I like the … Continue reading Warwick Arts Centre

The Man in the Street

Apparently, its World Photography Day and this is my contribution to the art. The Canon EOS5 was pressed into service with its favourite 400 speed Ilford and the look of the shot comes from the sun casting its shadows in such a way as to leave the man in sunlight but the road behind him … Continue reading The Man in the Street