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Sad to see that UK high street photography chain Jessops has collapsed this week with the loss of many jobs.  Any customers with outstanding orders have now lost them and it looks like many units on British high streets are going to go vacant. Fifteen to twenty years ago, I found Jessops very useful and … Continue reading Jessops

Brown Paper Parcels in the Post

I have guilty pleaseures.  One is to receive fairly unremarkable brown paper parcels in the post.  These contain my new film, freshly despatched.  After a few days of restrained enthusiasm I pick up the parcel and hurry to a room on my own to have a look at it.  Bulk buying such items from the … Continue reading Brown Paper Parcels in the Post

Why I Hate Photography Magazines

They wouldn't print my pictures. My other gripe is the standard of pictures that pass for 'amateur' photographers.  Each magazine has a readers' pictures section with pictures that range from crass filler material to epic pieces of photojournalism.  Some of the best pictures are taken with a £10 000 camera using a paid model in … Continue reading Why I Hate Photography Magazines

Film Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Selective

  There is a scene in the movie 'Spinal Tap' where the band's manager gets questioned about why they are booked into smaller venues than the last tour.  Has the band gotten less popular?  No, he says, more selective.  That's also true of photographic film, 35mm in particular. Film has moved back from the mass … Continue reading Film Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Selective