Power Station


A Window

A Path to the Sea

One of my favourite kind of shots, industry and nature in the same frame.





King Street


Spot The Ball

In the UK, there is a traditon of ‘Spot the Ball’ competitions in newspapers. They would print a picture of a football game with the ball taken out and readers would take a pen and draw an ‘x’ on the picture where they thought the ball was, cut it out and post it off to be in with a chance of winning some cash.

Here is a variation on that theme:

  • It’s a cricket match
  • The ball is actually in the shot but it took me a while to realise it
  • There is no cash
  • See if you can spot it by adding a comment below

These pictures are a crop of images taken through a 300mm lens. The quality is OK but not as good as I’d like. As usual it’s Ilford 400 speed film.

On this picture, the ball is a bit more visible.


Scarborough Castle visible through the early morning mist.

History Photo Challenge