The Race

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Sitting on the Edge


The Tide is Out


Some Bad Pictures of a Fire Eater

So one night, I came across a fire eater and decided to try and take his picture.

Not having done this before, I struggled with the exposure.

I also struggled with my timing, and the fact that his act was nearly finished so I had to hurry.

I finally achieved a half decent picture of a fire eater:

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The Tram, Before and After

I took this picture in Fujicolour of a tram at night.  It’s a handheld shot, completely unzoomed to avoid as much shake as possible.

Next, I greyscaled it and cropped it to get rid of the light on the left and the scaffolding on the right.

Then I messed about with the levels to try and get a bit of glow from the tram lights compared to the street and to hide a bit of grain.

Black & White Sunday


Bird on a Wire




Trees at Night

More Bridges



Car Show

Inclined and Upside Down

O Canada

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