Industrial Skyline

I find the industrial skyline fascinating.  This is helped by the fact that I don’t live near any of this and don’t have to look at it everyday out of my window.  Whether you see it or not, your electricity in your home depends on this nuclear power station and various other industrial complexes.  The fascination is that these giants appear to be big machines with a single purpose.  Only up close can you see the rivets and the sheets of metal, the cables, switches and pistons which show these big machines are made up of a multitude of smaller ones.

Some of the nicest images come when these machines are contrasted with the natural environment.  The foreshortening of a long lens makes these cows look like they are much closer to the towers than they really are.

Photos taken with Canon EOS5 and Ilford 200 speed black and white film.


5 responses to “Industrial Skyline”

  1. restlessjo Avatar

    I am “lucky” enough to live quite close to one of these monsters, though fortunately I can’t see it out of the bedroom window. A necessary evil? Don’t get me started!


  2. Simon Avatar

    Thank you for adding a link to my website, I really appreciate it. I would still really love to be able to use your photo for my album if it would be possible to do so. Could you send me an email please?


  3. Simon Waldram Avatar
    Simon Waldram

    Really fantastic pictures. I have an album of instrumental music coming out as a free release which is also called ‘Industrial Skyline’. I was wondering if it would be possible to use these photos for the album artwork. I would be happy to pay you a one off fee for this.


    1. mostlymonochrome Avatar

      Hi, Simon, I’ve sent you an email.


  4. administrator Avatar




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