Here’s some nostalgia in an old-fashioned kitchen:


Were things as good as they seemed?  The old days are often shown on TV and in movies and they look great.  Everything is done in a grand, traditional, decent way as well as being very professionally filmed.  However, imagine working a twelve hour day in one of these.  Lots of damp towels and sheets therefore lots of moisture and no modern air conditioning systems to compensate.  Every single function in this large kitchen would be manual.  Cooking, cleaning and ironing were hard manual tasks.



26 thoughts on “Nostalgia

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  2. Old days seams to be better and better the older you get – I will say it is all hard work at that time – to live with your work like washing others clothes was very hard – but also life was a bit easier than today – I think in my childhood, children did know what to do and especially after school. I guess many could disagreeing but – as long as you remember the good thing then all is good, isn’t it? – Thanks for sharing !!!


  3. I must be getting very old. I remember much of this at my grandma’s – who taught me to print (contact) on paper by gaslight – water heated in the copper (fire underneath), posser, rubbing on the washboard, etc; wish we’d have thought of taking pix other than just family ‘snaps’ then.


          1. If I ever get out of college (one of these days…?) I want to explore film. For me, there’s just no comparison in quality and texture. Photoshop can only do so much- I’ve spent years trying to reproduce a similar textural grain (and shadows, etc.) that a film camera would produce, monochromatically speaking, and am only able to jack up my ISO for added grain and push my highlights and shadows by tweaking my exposure in-camera, but still, it’s not the same. There’s just no replicating it completely. I’m head over heels in love with film though. Maybe someday…! Lucky dog, you. :0)



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