Random Pictures

An example of modern architecture
A bed in a lake
This was nearly a great image but I pressed the button at the wrong moment
I didn't know these things could go in the sea
Dolls in monochrome
A violinist
A pedal powered globe

5 thoughts on “Random Pictures

  1. I’m not sure how I feel about modern architecture, but I do love the idea of a bed on a lake (this is a bit silly, but one of my favorite scenes from the Lindsey Lohan version of the Parent Trap is when the evil to-be-stepmom wakes up on her air mattress in the middle of a lake).


  2. It’s difficult to get any more random than a bed in the river and that Digger in the sea will be there for a while if it’s trying to empty it.

    I hate that miss-fire moment where you just know you’ve missed something good. Half a second either way and the arm wouldn’t be over her face.

    Nice collection.


  3. The bed on the lake is particularly surreal: it looks so pristine and reminds me of some sort of modern ‘Lady of the Lake’ without the lady. I also like the kaleidoscope dolls.

    I recently watched a ‘Grand Designs’ show where a digger went into the sea. The subject of the programme was a lifeboat house conversion. It had to get out of the sea pretty quickly though.



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